Only One Bod is all about pain free, whole hearted living. Existing to give you the tools to be your own hero and understand your body’s best potential for moving.

Injury and pain can be relentless, and its frustrating when you’re repetitively doing what you have read or been told is the best movement or correction for the problem- and nothing changes.

Only One Bod seeks to find solutions to your pain and discomfort by bringing you closer to how your body moves and functions.

Learn that verticality is not something we simply ‘do’, and that your own body is your best resource for recovery if you just take some time to listen to it.




About Me

Hi, I’m Kate, I’m a certified Rolfing Structural Integration practitioner, and a member of the team at Queen Charlotte Street Osteopaths in central Bristol.

I was a dedicated dancer growing up. Throughout my teens I competed, studied, performed, and went on to achieve a masters degree exploring the science behind it all in 2011, whilst still continuing to train professionally.

I was exposed to many different ‘quick fix’ treatment methods around me and I came across Rolfing.

I had a whole host of injuries putting my body through stress on a daily basis, and so I was attracted to a method that wouldn’t discount any of my injuries or body history and connect them together in to one. It was so insightful for me, what I thought I new and accumulated about my body over the years, I realised was nothing compared to the information Rolfing gave me over 10 sessions. Needless to say it wasn’t long until I knew I wanted to make the steps to become a Rolfer and expose others to this wonderful work.

I know how injuries can dictate peoples lives, and I love that through the Rolfing work I can play a profound part in someones body discomfort-life balance for the better.

I practice what has and continues to work for me; as a dancer of 17 years experience, past athlete and gym junkie, and more presently as a corporate worker, runner, and yoga lover living in Bristol.



“Kate is extremely personable, gentle, empathetic. Not only does she have the skills of her profession to make changes, she demonstrates a subtle observation of how the body is presenting itself and has the ability to communicate it.”


“Kate’s caring manner is assured to put anyone at their ease, I feel privileged that I had the good fortune to experience the talents of her as a Rolfer®  and her considerable personal attributes. ”


“I was skeptical at the beginning of receiving Rolfing® sessions, I hadn’t heard much about it and I didn’t understand how it differed from other forms of therapy. I found the work that I received was profound in aiding my recovery from cycling and climbing injuries. Its made me more aware of how my body is integrated as a whole, and I’ve quickly seen how it can positively impact my sport but also my day to day life too.”


“My standing posture has improved and my movement has became more fluid…I am now more aware of how I move and I am equipped with reminders from the sessions about how to maintain a better posture. “


“[Kate] informed me the area of the body we would be concentrating on in each session. She asked me to describe how it felt walking, standing, sitting. I was intrigued by her incisive observation of how I moved which echoed precisely how it felt to me.”


“The techniques she used to realign and create space in different parts of my body were sometimes powerful but never at all painful.”