One Off Session

In a one off session of Rolfing® Structural Integration,  we look to remove strain in the body by following Dr Ida Rolf’s method. We work with structural issues or problems specific to you- be it back pain, migraines, plantar fascialitis, a healing fracture, emotional anxiety or stress management.

Time is taken to go through your injury history and talk about how Rolfing can reduce or eliminate the discomfort that has caused you to seek treatment. We identify your expectations of the treatment and whether these can realistically be met, and plan a session that will free the fascial relationships that are linked to your discomfort.

A one off session is great for those looking for instant relief or to try out Rolfing for the first time. It is important to note though that if you are looking for sustainable change then a one off session will not give you this. To really change and address underlying structural patterns that is causing your discomfort, The Rolfing Mini Series or The Rolfing 10 Series is the way to go.