The hallmark of Rolfing® Structural Integration is The Rolfing® 10 Series, a series of Rolfing® Structural Integration sessions designed by Dr Ida Rolf to establish optimum body structure.

The 10 series is a winning formula to improve how your body aligns itself with gravity, each session builds upon the results of the previous one, systematically mapping all body mechanics so that the body is free to move with ease, and without injury.

The first 7 sessions release strain from specific areas of the body, and the remaining 3 sessions organise and align the body system as a whole.

What serves as a constant throughout the process is the exploration of human potential, posing questions that will get you thinking about your body and how you use it.

It’s pretty amazing that in only 10 hours of work, we can make such drastic changes to lifelong movement patterns and habits that are injuring your body on a daily basis.